The Ultimate Lead Generation through Gamification

Experience the magic of customer data capture with Advento, a set of tools where the customer is always part of the game! It has been developed to help businesses like yours captivate an audience, acquire new customers, and gather meaningful data for personalized marketing campaigns.

Introducing Advento

The ultimate digital spinwheel for businesses

Discover the magic of the festive season with Advento, a digital spinwheel aimed at helping businesses like yours in engaging audiences, acquiring new customers, and collecting valuable insights for tailored marketing initiatives.

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Boost your customer engagement today
Collect valuable customer data and insights
Reach a larger audience and grow your business

Unleash the power of Advento

A fun, engaging customer experience

With Advento, customers are encouraged to interact with your brand daily, offering them the chance to win great rewards while also sharing valuable data that helps you better understand their preferences and needs.

Double Opt-in
Customers provide double consent with their email address to become newsletter subscribers.
Win a Prize
Your customers win every time!
Segment Customers
Each date reveals a new reward and different questions for the customer.
Collect Multiple Data Points
Customers can participate multiple times providing additional data points.

Boost Your Brand Loyalty and Repeat Purchases

Take your marketing strategy to the next level with Advento's spinwheel. Captivate your customers, gain valuable insights, and increase your reach. Click the button below and start your customer engagement journey today!


Benefits of Advento Spinwheel for your business

Integrating our spinwheel on your website, offering customers the chance to win discounts, can bring significant benefits to your business by increasing customer loyalty, improving conversion rates, expanding your customer base, boosting sales, and fostering brand loyalty.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The opportunity for customers to win discounts through the spinwheel creates a sense of excitement and satisfaction. By offering them the chance to save money on their purchases, you increase their overall satisfaction with your brand and enhance their shopping experience.

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Increased Sales and Revenues

The combination of increased engagement, improved conversion rates, and an expanded customer base ultimately leads to higher sales and revenues for your business. The spinwheel is a powerful tool for creating purchasing incentives and promoting growth.

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Increased Customer Loyalty

The interactive nature of the spinwheel attracts customers and encourages them to spend more time on your website. This increased engagement boosts brand visibility and helps create an unforgettable experience for customers.

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Customize it individually with

Customization & Integration

Our spinwheel is designed to integrate seamlessly into your systems and provide a visually stunning and interactive digital experience that connects customers with your brand.

Choose the design that best fits your brand.
Easy integration into your domain name.
Leverage our cleanup technology for user verification and clean data records.
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"The Spinwheel has proven to be an extremely effective tool for customer acquisition. With its engaging design and interactive nature, we have been able to draw the attention of potential customers and establish a deep connection with our brand. The amazing results - over 12,000 new leads and noticeable revenue growth - validate the campaign's success. Spinwheel is helping us build a loyal customer base and generate positive word-of-mouth."

Oliver Stajic, E-commerce Director at MACRON | Boriol

Discover the effects of Spinwheel:

Macron | Boriol Success Story

The Spinwheel has proven to be an incredibly effective tool for customer acquisition. Its enticing design and interactive nature have drawn the attention of potential customers and pulled them into the world of our brand. The opportunity to spin the wheel and win exciting incentives and discounts is a compelling incentive for individuals to engage with our online store. As a result, we were able to record an impressive influx of over 12,000 new customer contacts, enlarging our customer base and promoting our growth.

One of the main goals of the Spinwheel campaign was to create an intense and unforgettable experience for our customers. We wanted to go beyond traditional marketing tactics and build a real connection with our target audience. With the Spinwheel, we were able to achieve just that. By providing our customers with an interactive platform where they can engage with our brand, we have managed to grab their attention and build long-term loyalty.

The impact of the Spinwheel campaign was simply remarkable. The more than 12,000 new leads generated through this initiative have led to noticeable business growth. As a direct consequence of the campaign, we were able to record a significant increase in sales and revenues. Moreover, the more than 600 hours during which customers engaged with us show a deep connection between our brand and our audience. The Spinwheel has helped us build a loyal customer base that leads to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

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