The Ultimate Christmas Lead Generation Through Gamification

Experience the magic of the Christmas season with our digital Advent calendar, with the customer always at the center! Our Advent calendar was developed to help businesses like yours increase customer loyalty during the festive season, gain new customers, and collect valuable data for personalized marketing campaigns.

Introducing Advento's Advent

The ultimate digital Advent calendar experience for businesses

Discover the magic of the Christmas season with Advento, a digital Advent calendar that aims to help businesses like yours engage the audience during the festive season, win new customers and gather valuable data for personalized marketing campaigns.

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Boost your customer loyalty today
Collect valuable customer data and insights
Reach a larger audience and boost your business

Unleash the power of Advento's Advent

A fun, engaging customer experience

With Advento, customers are encouraged to interact daily with your brand, offering them the chance to win great rewards while also sharing valuable data that helps you understand their preferences and needs better.

Double Opt-In
Customers give their double consent with their email address to become newsletter subscribers.
Win a prize
Customers participate in the draw as a winner is selected each day.
Segment customers
Each date reveals a new reward and different questions for the customer.
Collect multiple data points
Customers can participate multiple times and provide additional data points.

Boost your customer engagement with Advento's Advent today.

Enhance your marketing strategy with Advent. Engage customers, gather valuable insights, and expand your audience. Click below to start your customer engagement today!


Advantages of Advento for your business

With Advento, you leverage the enthusiasm for games to forge lasting, positive connections with your customers. Through consistent daily interaction, you expand your customer base, increase your sales, and establish a strong brand presence that lasts far beyond the duration of the Spinwheel campaign.

Engage customers during the advertising season

Delight your audience with a festive, interactive experience during the advertising season.

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Win new customers and expand your reach

Win new customers and expand the reach of your brand in the market.

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Increase brand awareness and boost sales

Strengthen the presence of your brand and boost sales through targeted marketing and customer insights.

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Customize it with

Customization & Integration

Advent was designed to integrate seamlessly into your brand and offers a visually appealing and interactive digital experience that keeps customers coming back.

Customize the Advent and Christmas calendar to match your brand's appearance.
Easy integration into your domain.
Use cloud technology for user verification and clean records.
Handle millions of hourly visitors effortlessly.
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"Advento has revolutionized our holiday marketing strategy! The interactive and festive digital calendar not only delighted our audience, but also helped us collect invaluable customer data. Thanks to Advento, we saw significant growth in our customer base, brand awareness, and revenue during the holiday season. I highly recommend Advento to any company looking to boost their e-commerce performance."

Yaw Owusu-Afram, E-Commerce Director at CAMP DAVID

Discover the Impact of Advento:

CAMP DAVID | SOCCX Success Story

CAMP DAVID | SOCCX, a leading fashion brand, harnessed the power of Advento during the Christmas season 2022 and achieved impressive results. With over 312,000 participants, of which more than 37,000 were unique, the company achieved tremendous customer engagement. This incredible interaction with the brand amounted to 2,700 hours.

Through Advento, CAMP DAVID | SOCCX was able to collect multiple data points per customer, thus better understanding the preferences and needs of their audience. These valuable insights helped the brand optimize their marketing strategy and make their messages more personalized, ultimately leading to increased customer engagement and sales boost.

Harness the potential of Advento for your company and experience the same success as CAMP DAVID | SOCCX. Boost your brand engagement, win new customers, and gather decisive data that drives growth and success during the Christmas season and beyond.

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