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Welcome to a new era of customer experience! Imagine transforming your company milestones and special events into immersive, interactive experiences that not only captivate your audience but also exponentially grow your subscriber base. Welcome to our revolutionary countdown tool - a digital event engagement platform designed to boost your brand's reach and create a buzz around your special occasions like never before.


Immersive Customer Experience

Designed to captivate and entertain, our tool offers an interactive experience that goes beyond traditional marketing strategies. Each day leading up to your event, visitors can unlock new surprises, generating anticipation and joy. This fun and engaging approach not only enhances the connection between your brand and audience but also increases repeat visits and strengthens your brand's visibility and reputation.

Versatile Event Countdown
From brand anniversaries and product launches to special occasions like Easter, Halloween, and Black Friday, our tool seamlessly adapts to any event, creating a custom countdown that generates engagement and anticipation.
Superior Customer Engagement
Inspired by the charm of traditional advent calendars, our tool reveals daily surprises leading up to the main event, bringing users back time and again.
Integration with Newsletter Subscription
With each click, visitors are invited to join your newsletter subscriber list. Experience exponential growth of your subscriber base.

Strategic Audience Growth & Insight Collection

Seamlessly integrated with a newsletter signup feature, our platform is an efficient tool for audience expansion. But we go a step further. In addition to audience growth, our tool provides valuable insights about your customers. The double-opt-in mechanism ensures that each signup is genuine, interested, and ready to engage with your brand, allowing you to build a list of high-quality leads. Interactions on the platform can be tracked and analyzed to better understand your audience's behaviour and preferences and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

Double-Opt-In Confirmation
Our system includes a double-opt-in mechanism that ensures each signup is valid, interested, and ready to engage with your brand.
Based on the powerful cloud platform, our tool is designed to handle millions of visitors per minute without affecting performance.
Engaging User Interface
Our intuitive user interface ensures a smooth and enjoyable user experience that encourages repeat visits and interactions.
Easter Evently Calendar

Embrace the Future of Brand Management

Our innovative digital countdown platform Evently is more than just a way to generate anticipation for your brand's events. It's an opportunity to transform your relationship with your audience, deepen connections, and foster sustainable growth. As you uncover the unique features of our platform, you'll discover a multitude of benefits aimed at enhancing your brand's journey and making every milestone an unforgettable, captivating, and fruitful experience. Dive in and explore the profound benefits this tool can bring to your brand.

Enhanced Brand Bonding
Our platform transforms each event into a participatory experience, fostering deeper connections between your brand and your customers.
Expansion of Subscriber Base
Our tool not only engages current followers but also attracts new audiences, contributing to a substantial increase in newsletter subscriptions.
Effective Lead Verification
Double-opt-in email confirmations ensure that you receive a list of genuinely interested customers, thus optimizing the efficiency of your marketing.
Versatility of Events
From annual celebrations to spontaneous events and product launches to the celebration of Easter, Halloween or Black Friday - our tool adjusts to your individual needs and becomes a resource for customer engagement.
Regardless of a surge in data traffic, our platform ensures smooth operation and allows you to reach a wider audience without technical issues.
User Delight
The fun and interactive nature of our Evently calendar create a positive brand experience that users will remember and share.

“CAMP DAVID is a renowned brand that used the Evently tool as a digital event engagement platform for our Easter event. With a 10-day countdown full of interactive surprises, CAMP DAVID generated an unprecedented wave of engagement. Every day, thousands of users signed up to discover new content, and with every click, the number of newsletter subscriptions grew. At the end of the event, CAMP DAVID recorded an increase of over 21,000 subscribers, marking a successful engagement campaign. This success story underlines the potential of the Evently tool to enhance the reach and resonance of the brand.”

Yaw Owusu-Afram
E-commerce Director at CAMP DAVID

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